Endeavour Hobbies 135 IN 1 Precision Screwdriver Set S2 steel bits, Au Stock

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135-IN-1 screwdriver set  details:


20 Disassembly Accessories 

1 x handle (plastic) 

1 x Flexible extension shaft 

1 x Extension bar 

1 x Tweezers

3x Plastic pry tools 

2 x SIM card removal to 

1 x Magnetizer/ Demagnetizer 

1 x suction cup 

6 x opening picks 

1 x Bit holder for power screwdriver

1 x Y-Shape Handle

1 x Screw memory mat


115 screwdriver  bits

Phillips:PH0000  PH000  PH00  PH0  PH1  PH2

Slotted:SL1.0  SL1.3  SL1.5  SL2.0  SL2.5  SL3.0  SL3.5  SL4.0

Trox: T1  T2  T3  T4  T5  T6  T7  T8  T9  T10  T15  T20

Trox with a hole:T5H  T6H  T7H  T8H  T9H  T10H  T15H  T20H  T25H

Pentagonal: P2【☆0.8】  P5【☆1.2】  P6【☆1.5】  P8【☆2.0】

Hex:H0.7  H0.9  H1.3  H1.5  H2.0  H2.5  H3.0  H3.5  H4.0  H4.5  H5  H6 

Imperial Hex:H1/16  H1/8  H2/32  H5/32  H5/64  H7/64  H9/64

POZI: PZ000  PZ00  PZ0  PZ1  PZ2

Tri-point: Y0.6  Y1.0  Y1.5  Y2.0  Y2.5  Y3.0  Y3.5

Triangle: △2.0  △2.3  △2.6  △3.0

“U”shape: U1.7  U2.0  U2.6  U3.0  U8
Square:S0  S1  S2
MID:W1.5 W2.0 W2.5
SIM:0.8 1.0

4MM Socket:M2.5  M3.0  M3.5  M4.0  M4.5  M5.0  M5.5  G3.8  G4.5
ICS Socket: PH2

TAP: Ex6  Ex7  Ex8  Ex9  Ex10  Dr6  Dr7  Dr8  Dr9  Dr10

Magnectic Pickup Bit: U5.0

Pocket wrench: 4#  4.5#  5#  5.5#  6#  7#

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